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There are many advantages to hiring a vendor for obtaining criminal records. Besides offering speed and convenience, good vendors provide a high level of knowledge and expertise. For example, an employment screening firm should be familiar with all state and federal compliance issues.

So how do you know which vendor is the right for you? If you feel a bit overwhelmed, check out the helpful articles on the left. In particular, Recognize the Types of Vendors is an excellent overview of the vendors listed below, and includes ways to recognize whether vendors specialize in providing services to “consumers” or “professionals.”

Below are Vendor Look-up Tables.

Click to Find a Local On-Site Researcher (by County or Parish)

These are hands-on researchers for hire who visit government agencies in-person and perform name searches or document retrieval services. The vendors listed are members of the Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN).

Click to Find a Criminal Record Search Firm (by State)

Search firms provide record access services on a regional basis. They may go directly to government agencies, use the services of the local retrieval firms, or use online gateways and distributors (see below). The vendors listed with a full profile are members of the Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN).

Click to Find an Online Database Vendor (Data Aggregator or Gateway)

Data Aggregators - sometimes called Distributors - collect criminal record information in order to build their own proprietary in-house database products. Gateways do not build their own database but instead provide a highly sophisticated, electronic direct link to existing databases at other locations. Some gateways use data extraction (also called screenscraping). See the Article on Data Extraction on the left.

Click Find a Background Screening Firm

Access to and use of criminal records provided by pre-employment and tenant screening firms are subject to provisions in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

What About Private Investigators?

Private Investigators are experts who provide many legal support services. These service aoften include accessing criminal records and providing background screening services for clients. Below are our recommended sources for finding a good Private Investigator:

ION - Investigators

PI Magazine


How to be Listed At This Site

Vendors shown here with a full profile are members of the Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN). Click on the link learn about becoming part of PRRN and to download an application.